Retail Analytics

Measure your performance at the point of sale with automated, flexible dashboards on promotion execution, sales results, team activity, and more.

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Retail Execution Dashboards

Track promotion and display execution in real-time by banner, brand, territory, and more.

Compliance Reports

Review promotional compliance at scale and drill down to view and correct execution errors at the store level.

Opportunity Reports

Compare team activity and execution metrics to identify coverage gaps and flag the stores your field team should visit next.

Organic Group 1 Point of Sale Analytics

Retail Sales Reporting

Connect your point-of-sale and inventory data with in-store execution reports for a complete picture of store-level performance.

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Sales Impact Reports

Connect promotion execution, shelf conditions, and team activity to sales performance and measure your field team's impact on sales.

Out-of-Stock Detection

Fight phantom inventory and correct empty shelves faster with automated inventory, out-of-stock, and void reporting.

Organic F-B3 Workforce Performance Reports

Workforce Performance Reports

Review team performance and payroll metrics at scale with real-time dashboards on territory coverage, drive time, store visits, and more.

Performance Trackers

Review metrics by territory, team, or banner, and track performance against goals in real time.

Rep Scorecards

Drill down and review rep performance against key priorities like display execution, sales, store coverage, and more.

Testimonial - Kevita Testimonial - Kevita

“Repsly tells us real-time how we’re doing out in the marketplace so we can make plans of action to affect retail. Repsly is truly our biggest competitive advantage."

DAVID VARTANIAN Sr. Director of Sales, KeVita

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